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Save Time, Get Traffic And Get More Opt-ins With These 2 Tools

I don’t want to waste your time..

or bore you..

with the tools that you always hear about.


I’m going to share with you rare tools that I think are now necessary to be an effective marketer. Of course you are free to not get these tools, but you’ll just be making blogging a very steep uphill battle for yourself.

I go out of my way to only get my blog in front of people who take action. Why? Because I don’t want the kind of audience that just casually reads what I put my time and sweat into. I don’t want an audience that doesn’t use my hard work to improve their life or blog in anyway.

This naturally means you’re an action taker but even so, I can’t ask you to get every tool that I use. So I narrowed down my list to only the most effective tools.

These are the 2 must have tools of the smart modern marketer. Understand that every tool here is a tool that I personally use and know extensively.

Do not waste your money and get these tools if you’re just blogging as a hobby. Blogging as a hobby is fun but there is no need for you to get these tools if you aren’t trying to monetize it in some way. These aren’t for you if you blog for fun.

That being said, let’s start with a very simple tool.


Find Out Exactly What Works For Your Particular Blog

Don’t just guess blindly.

Guessing is dumb.

That’s how bloggers fail.

Blindly guessing what changes you need to make to your blog isn’t going to get you far.

On the other hand, every successful blogger from Neil Patel, to Ramit Sethi tests things out.

You read on some blog about how using the color orange for your CTA buttons improves conversion rate. Now, you can either blindly implement it on your blog and hope it’s working or you can test it out.

It’s not that orange buttons don’t generally increase conversion rate. But you can never say something will work 100% of the time for all websites. There are plenty of reasons why this may not work for your particular blog or niche.

  • Possible Reason 1 – Maybe your blog is predominantly orange and making the button orange as well makes it much less noticeable.
  • Possible Reason 2 – Maybe your target audience is all marketers and they all know about orange buttons and it makes no difference to them.
  • Possible Reason 3 – Maybe everyone in your niche uses orange buttons for spam and this niche has grown to learn that orange button means spam. Maybe using a purple button would work much better for your website because you would stand out.

The only way to know for sure is to test it out. Don’t waste your hard work and time to do something that’ll just end up hurting you. Knowing with a 99% certainty on the other hand, is liberating.

So how can you test things out and feel confident that the hard work you’re going to put into changing your blog is going to help? You do what Get Response, Microsoft and Hyundai did..

You use Visual Website Optimizer.


Visual Website Optimizer lets you figure out whether you should make a change to your blog or not before you even touch your site.

You use the software to make a copy of the page you want to test and make the changes. Their editor let’s you make all the changes you want to test by clicking, dragging and typing. You can make these changes without any coding and it usually takes less than two minutes.

You then put a little line of code in your page. Visual Website Optimizer will now show the new page to half your visitors and the original to the other half. It’ll then let you know which version performed better and by what percentage.

This means you don’t have to waste time making the changes to your blog if they weren’t going to help you out in the first place. In my mind Visual Website Optimizer stands for definite growth.

Don’t just guess. Feel confident in your choices. Know what will help your blog and by exactly what percentage.

Over 2500 bloggers like you and big brands like Groupon, General Electric and Red Cross use Visual Website Optimizer. It gets results.

Brands VWO

You work hard to get your traffic. Don’t lose them to the back button because you didn’t test out if your landing page is confusing or not.

The only difference between big brands and you is that they have millions of dollars to spend on software like this. But it doesn’t matter because this doesn’t cost millions. It doesn’t even cost thousands. You just have to spend a small amount of 49/month.

It’s your choice, but the alternative to not getting Visual Website Optimizer and testing things out is guessing and hoping. Get Visual Website Optimizer because the tests will instantly show you what’s working and what’s holding you back. You’ll save time and lots of useless hard work.


Write Content That Your Readers Love and Search Engines Crave

You get more traffic,

more opt ins,

and more sales.

That’s why thousands of bloggers like Derek Halpern use this tool.

This tool makes it easy to write content that flows smoothly for your readers while being just what Google wants. The uneasiness and the frustration of trying to make these worlds meet goes away and you optimize your content faster.

You open up WordPress to write your next post, only this time you don’t open Google Keyword tool for research. You don’t have to find keywords and try and hack them into your post. The tool will suggest keywords “in the language people are using”.

These suggestions will help you maintain your natural flow, while keeping it exactly how the search engines want it.

I am generally hesitant to buy SEO software because the landscape changes so fast and what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow. But, Scribe changes rapidly along with the world of SEO. I stopped worrying about it when I saw that it was recommended by Laura Roeder and Derek Halpern.

Oh, and it’s by none other than Brian Clark at Copyblogger.

Here’s what Scribe does:

The writing process is time consuming. Make it shorter by eliminating a separate keyword research phase and making it part of the writing process.

Like always it’s your call, but for every post you write without Scribe, you’re losing a lot of search traffic. You work hard to write something worth reading. Don’t lose most of the search traffic the post can get for you because you didn’t have Scribe.

Get Scribe because it’ll immediately allow you to get 100% out of each post you write and save you time. Be an effective blogger.


Increase Your Entire Search Traffic By 2.87 Times. Decrease Your Bounce Rate. Increase Your Conversions.

This is the final tool and my favorite one of all.

It’s used by Sound Cloud, Four Square, and HTC.

And it increased my actual search traffic by 2.87 times. You just put it to use and forget about it and it even makes you appear more professional.

What is it? Well, this one is exclusively for my subscribers.

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