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One Simple Method To Finding Influencers You Can Actually Connect With

No One To Influence

You are a blogger.

After a few months of blogging you probably realized something.

In order to succeed as a blogger,..

you need to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

Without the help of bloggers in your niche, it’s going to be very hard (unnecessarily hard) to get anywhere. But how can you connect with influencers in your niche when you are just starting out… click to continue reading

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How To Write Guest Posts With No Connections or Authority

Guest Posting Opportunities

Many years ago when I was only a college Freshman..

I accidentally stumbled onto a dangerous idea.

I got it into my head that if I can build an awesome site I could make some money and maybe get a head start on my college debt. I mean, how hard could it be? All I had to do was make an awesome site right?



Though my first site was a gaming site, the lessons learned and mistakes made still … click to continue reading

Posted in Blog | 40 Comments

Attract More Readers By Writing Posts They Already Crave

Get Readers by giving them what they crave

You write a lot.

Naturally, you run out ideas.

But why do you write posts?

What’s the goal of each post?

Your goal is to make each post benefit the reader in some way. This could be by entertaining them, informing them, or by teaching them.

If it’s benefit you’re after, isn’t it better to solve problems they already have? You don’t always have to spend y… click to continue reading

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7 Posts That Will Solve Your Blogging Problems

Solve Blogging Problems

The last Roundup was over two months ago.

These are the posts I ran into over this time that I thought were worth sharing.

If a post is here it’s because it’s either very good at solving some problem you have as a blogger or because I really like it.

If you think your post belongs in the next round up, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to check it out. Here’s the second i… click to continue reading

Posted in Random Roundup | 20 Comments

9 Posts On Blogging You Really Should Read Immediately

Reading ZenSpill RoundupBeing a blogger in a niche full of brilliant bloggers I constantly run into posts that I wish I’d written.

But I can’t now.

Because someone else already did.

But I need to get you this useful info one way or another.

So what can I do?..

Enter Link Round Up

I’m going to be doing my link round ups a little differently. I realize most bloggers do them once a week on a certain d… click to continue reading

Posted in Random Roundup | 29 Comments

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