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168 Case Studies On

Generating Traffic

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Here’s the truth: Getting readers is hard.


Here’s another truth: It’s not your fault.

It’s hard to achieve any tangible results with all the misinformation and nonsense advice out there.


But getting this traffic is crucial. Without it, everything else you do for your blog or business is pointless.


And not getting traffic sucks. I don’t want you to be in that situation. All the hard work you put into your blog shouldn’t be fruitless because the marketing advice out there sucks.


But, how do you actually get traffic?
You follow these step by step case studies on getting traffic from real marketing experts. No nonsense. Just case studies with proof.
Here are 168 case studies from 124 marketing experts.

Chapter 1 – Outreach Traffic Case Studies

This chapter is all about getting traffic through outreach. The exact emails they used. How they got in contact with influencers. What percentage of them replied and what that meant for their traffic. It’s all here. In this chapter you’ll learn the step by step methods of getting in touch with influencers who can help spread the word.

Chapter 2 – Twitter Traffic Case Studies

This chapter is exactly what you think it’s about. This is how you get traffic from twitter. How you can increase your follower count. How you can increase engagement in your existing followers. Even how you can use Twitter to get traffic from other sources. Anything that ends with you getting more traffic to your blog.

Chapter 3 – Link Building Case Studies

Link building is something every marketer has heard of. This chapter is all about getting traffic by building links. Whether that’s directly from the link itself or from SEO benefits of getting that link. Here’s how you build links that’ll send you traffic.

Chapter 4 – SEO Traffic Case Studies

SEO is essential for consistent traffic and it’s not something that should be ignored, but there’s a lot of hype and misinformation in the SEO field. So this chapter will show you exactly what experts do to get results. Step by Step. What they did, how they did it, and exactly what results they got.


Thanks For Sharing!

Here’s an excel sheet with the traffic stats for all these case studies: Case Studies With Traffic Stats. As a thank you for sharing the post, I also included other stats like number of links received and percentage of replies from outreach.[/wpsharely]

Chapter 5 – Facebook Traffic Case Studies

Facebook has the potential to send massive amounts of traffic to your site. Here you’ll learn exactly how to do that. These case studies will show you how to increase the number of Facebook fans you have and how to drive more of them from Facebook to your site.

Chapter 6 – Guest Post Traffic Case Studies

Guest posting can help get your site in front of a wider audience and establish you as an authority in your niche. These case studies will show you how to land guest posting opportunities and what it means for your blog when you write for big sites. Learn how to use guest posts to get visitors.

Chapter 7 – Social Media Traffic Case Studies

Google plus, Pinterest, SlideShare, Reddit etc. Every other form of social media case study that didn’t belong in the Twitter or Facebook Chapters. Here you’ll learn how to use the rest of social media in various ways to bring traffic back to your blog.

Chapter 8 – Ad Traffic Case Studies

This chapter will teach you about using ads from social media sites and Adwords to get traffic. Naturally, many of these case studies will have to do with making sales, but all of them give a lot of insight into getting targeted traffic. Here’s how you use ads to drive traffic and make the most out of your budget.

Chapter 9 – Misc. Traffic Case Studies

These are unique traffic case studies that didn’t belong in any one of the previous categories. This chapter has some of the most ingenious methods marketers came up with to drive traffic to their sites. Use these case studies to generate traffic in ways that the rest of your niche isn’t.

Bonus Chapter

There are plenty of epic posts out there that aren’t case studies. Here are a some very in depth and thorough posts that have a lot to teach you. All the epic posts that aren’t case studies or aren’t directly about driving traffic are here. Let’s start this chapter off with post on why case studies even matter in the first place.

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